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Public Speaking

I love speaking publicly or addressing any sized group that is interested in learning more about the inner worlds of those around them or themselves. We always want to help our children, partners or those close to us but don't always know how or what to say when they are struggling. Sometimes just hearing stories about similar struggles helps us realize in a non- confrontational way how we might better help ourselves or those who need our support. I can speak on many different subjects within the field of Psychology, Child Therapy, Mindfulness, Coping Strategies, The Brain and more... 


Some topics I cover:

  • Managing Depression and Anxiety, (for children/teens or adults)

  • Talking to Children and Acknowledging the Depths of Their Thoughts

  • Improving Your Child's Social & Emotional Wellbeing

  • Empowering Young Girls & Addressing Anxiety

  • Coping Mechanisms for Any Age

  • Understanding Depression & Suicidal Tendencies (for children/teens or adults)

  • and more...


Please feel free to contact me about speaking at a school, a library, a conference or in a living room near you.

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