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Services I Offer

Therapy can be an opportunity to make sense of situations, reframe stories, develop new skills, improve relationships and general well-being. I offer longer first sessions, a sliding scale when necessary and a free initial 15 minute phone consultation. 

Forest Path

Individual Therapy

Whether you are looking to achieve new goals, gain new insights, heal what hurts or improve your coping skills, we will customize our work to address what matters most to you.

Therapy for Children

and Teens

Empowering and validating young people while helping them create more positive experiences within school, family and towards themselves. Together we build on their strengths and develop new skills to cope and communicate.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Family Therapy

Family therapy views conflict and solutions as residing within the system and not one individual. This work, whether it includes everyone or just a few members at a time, helps members feel heard and seen while creating more peace between them. 

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