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Delynn Parker MFT


A licensed therapist serving adults, teens, & kids.

(415) 305-8320

PLEASE NOTE: I am offering video and phone sessions only, as well as shortened meeting times to better suit young people, teens or anyone else who is needing to be on technology less but  would still like some support.         

The current Corona Virus pandemic is causing a lot of heightened anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues and more, which is why it is very important to get support for ourselves and those we love. I have treated clients over video and on the phone successfully for years, so I've witnessed firsthand its effectiveness on improving coping mechanisms, stress management, self esteem, emotion regulation, depression and anxiety. Please don't hesitate to call me with any questions or accommodations, this is a very challenging time, we could all use some support.

Thank you for visiting and welcome to my site. I provide counseling services for children, teens, adults & parents in the San Francisco Bay Area and am currently accepting new clientsOne of my areas of focus is simply breaking down the barriers people often have to therapy. I achieve this by providing alternative meeting places for sessions, home visits for kids or families, 'walk & talks', phone/video sessions, customized packages including longer sessions, consultations and Psychoeducation for parents and loved ones trying to help. In my experience, I have found that talking in more familiar environments can relieve some of the anxiety or formality people might associate with a therapist's office. To further bridge any gaps I keep things friendly and casual by using relatable language, questioning ideas about being 'broken' or needing 'fixing' and avoiding certain buzz words that can alienate others. By including humor and other non-traditional approaches in my work, I am a good fit for those looking for someone who is not very 'therapist' like but still has all the experience, therapeutic skills and insight to help create positive change. I am often able to connect with children and adults that have previously not enjoyed or benefited from counseling. 

Some Areas of Focus:

  • Anxiety, depression & shame.

  • Communication, goal setting, coping mechanisms & tools to handle stress.

  • Understanding the experiences of children, within families, at school & within themselves.

  • Empowering young girls & understanding teen anxiety. 

  • Working with children on the spectrum, those struggling with learning disabilities or giftedness.

  • Understanding suicide, suicidal behaviors & helping those in pain.

  • Life transitions, breakups & divorce when children are involved.

  • Mindfulness, meditation & Neuropsychology.

  • Understanding the effects of your past on your health, heart & brain development.

  • The mind-body connection & learning what works for your health & emotional wellbeing.

  • Family Therapy, Systems Thinking, Integral Counseling, Narrative Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, CBT, DBT & more.


I use a wide variety of modalities that are chosen based on what works for each client's personality. With a deep passion for Neuroscience and Mindfulness, I am generally a strength-based, trauma-informed clinician that attends to the big picture, addressing the holistic health and well-being of each individual. I have been working with children and teens on and off for over 35 years and find that we are usually able to create a bond that is equal parts friend, mentor and counselor. I love helping people, young and old, to find their 'voice', increase their self awareness, and grow better skills around their social and emotional wellbeing. I encourage parent participation and communication while working with youth, offering interactive parent-child therapy sessions as well as school-based services, teacher consultation, and collaborative services for the academic year. 

I believe in meeting people, including children and teens, exactly where they are as I deeply respect the internal experience of all humans.

A Brief Introduction Video

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